Wild Honey, London

Having dined at its sister restaurants previously (Le Deux Salons and Arbutus – reviews in the near future), I was keen to dine at Wild Honey, which has been said to be best restaurant among the three. Wild Honey has one Michelin star to its name and it sits on Saint George Street in Mayfair, which transforms into a quiet area in the evening after the Bond Street shoppers leave for the day.

Once you push aside the maroon velvet curtain at the door, you’ll be welcomed by the maître d’ on your right.  With its beautiful oak paneled walls and lush wooden furnishings, the restaurant reminds me of a restaurant in France. I loved the seat I was given, a cosy little corner of the L shaped sofa, in the centre of the restaurant. The staff were excellent and extremely helpful – I wanted to have red wine even though I was having two fish/seafood dishes. I was recommended an excellent red from the extensive wine list that Wild Honey has. Moreover, what’s not to love about a wine that is available by carafe (or by bottle).

I went for the a la carte menu and barely had time to settle down to enjoy the atmosphere and have my bread when my starter arrived.

My starter was the Dorset Crab. It came with a avocado guacamole, peanuts and slices of lychee. The dish was excellent and was plated beautifully as you can see. It was extremely fresh and sweet. The lychee was an interesting touch, very creative. It made the dish very refreshing and reminded me of something you would have while sitting on a beach somewhere. The avocado guacamole was alright, but I felt that it was a little out of place. I didn’t quite understand where it fit in, and I think the dish tasted very good without the guacamole anyway.

My main course was the bouillabaisse.

Bouillabaisse is a traditional Provencal fish stew originating from Marseille. I personally love bouillabaisse and had attempted to make it over the weekend but I failed miserably so I knew I had to order the bouillabaisse when I saw it on the menu. The bouillabaisse came deconstructed, that is the components of the dish came separately – the fish with vegetables (leeks and cabbage) on the side, the soup in a bowl, croutons in a plate and garlic mayonnaise in a little cup. I did not expect it to be served like this, so it took me a while to realize what I had to do. The fish was fresh and the soup was very tasty. However, it came without a soup spoon, and had insufficient soup (in my opinon). So I assume that Wild Honey’s bouillabaisse is more like a fish dish with sauce rather than a fish stew/soup. The wait staff was extremely helpful. He brought me a lid for the soup and told me that I could request for them to heat up the soup if it got cold. The bouillabaisse was missing the rouille unfortunately. I did not try the garlic mayonnaise as I felt that the dish tasted very good without it. It was lovely to have bouillabaisse on a cold autumn night however I wished that there could have been more soup…

I was very very full after the bouillabaisse but I simply had to have dessert! I was torn between the Classic English custard tart and the homemade wild honey ice cream with crushed honeycomb bits. The waiter recommended the ice cream without hesitation so I ordered that and did not regret it at all.

The Wild Honey’s name sake ice cream looked extremely plain and simple but it was very creamy and was a lovely end to the meal. The flavours were subtle and not excessively sweet at all. My only issue with the dessert was that…I wish there were more honeycomb bits!

Overall, I think that Wild Honey is a lovely place for a meal. The ambience was great. Maybe a little dark but it was romantic, rustic and cosy – a perfect place on a cold autumn night. I think it’s a good place to have a secret rendezvous as well, seeing as how the couple at the next table were having a their getting-to-know-each-other date. Perhaps the tables were too close together because I found myself eavesdropping and listening to their conversation (he was a 59 year old trader, and she a 28 year old who came to England as a child not speaking a word of English). I enjoyed all 3 dishes that I ordered and I think I would return to Wild Honey again some time in the future for a casual date night with my significant other…

Ambience: 3/5 Forks
Service: 4/5 Forks
Food: 4/5 Forks

Wild Honey
12 Saint George Street
London, W1S 2FB


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