Wesele, Krakow

The word ‘wesele’ refers to the celebration after a traditional Polish wedding which consists of family, food, friends, love and of course, Polish vodka. This two-story restaurant is exactly how you would imagine a traditional Polish restaurant to be — warm, rustic and cosy. This popular eatery is one of the seventeen restaurants in Krakow mentioned in the Michelin guide. Thus we were lucky to be able to make a reservation at the restaurant on our first day, for dinner on our last day in the city.

The wait staff led us upstairs, where we were given a little table at the corner and had to sit next to each other at a 90 degree angle (rather than across each other). Maybe I am a little picky, but I felt extremely awkward sitting at that corner. It would have been extremely difficult to eat if either one of us were “on the heavier side”…Anyway, the deco was lovely. It was rainy and cold outside, so it was really nice to be warm and toasty indoors with lit candles on our table.

We decided against sharing the classic beef tartare as a starter and decided to share the Roe-Deer Carpaccio instead.

The roe-deer carpaccio was served with capers and blueberry jelly. The meat had a very interesting texture. It was less tender, and more chewy than beef. It was a nice dish, but nothing too spectacular about it…

My main course was the Wigilijina. A traditional polish mushroom soup served in a loaf of bread.

I was excited to try this dish as it is a very traditional Polish soup. However, I was slightly disappointed when it came. It wasn’t really like a soup, nor a stew. Maybe the bread soaked up all the “soup” that was there. However, the mushroom and what’s left of the soup, was very tasty. I could taste the herbs, and the mushroom was not too over powering. The bread however, could have been better. It tasted a little old…

My dining partner had the Ribs with Plum Vodka Sauce as her main.

Don’t let the lack of presentation or the colour of the ribs full you! The ribs were cooked very well and the plum vodka sauce (Sliwowica) complimented the meat very well! The ribs were very tender and the sauce was tangy and sweet. I think I enjoyed my dining partner’s main course more than I enjoyed mine! However, I have to admit, the plate does look a little sad with just a piece of meat and a tomato. Couldn’t they plate it better or maybe add a couple more tomatoes?

For desserts, we shared the Krakow Cheesecake and Apple Pie.

We heard about how good the cheesecakes in Krakow were and had to try it! We weren’t disappointed at all! The cheesecake was very good, not too rich nor dense. It was served hot and the bitter chocolate on the top complimented the sweet-sour cheesecake very well. The apple pie, unfortunately, was forgettable. It tasted very normal, despite being a “speciality”. There was really nothing to rave about…

Overall, dining at Wesele was pleasant. The wait staff could have been more attentive. However, they were pretty accommodating. About three quarters down my glass of red wine, I found a fly floating in it and asked for a new glass. I expected them to give me maybe just…half a glass. However, I was given a full glass of red wine, which was nice. Our dinner was disrupted towards the end when a waitress dropped her tray and broke a bottle of beer. Thankfully my dining partner was not hurt, and just had some beer splashed on her shoes and her bag.

For a restaurant featured in the Michelin guide, I expected a lot more from the food. Maybe I left disappointed because my expectations were too high to begin with. I do not think I’ll dine here again. However if you are ever in Krakow, maybe you should give Wesele a try. Maybe you’ll have a better dining experience than the one I had. After all, there must be a reason why you can’t get a table at Wesele without a reservation.

Ambience: 2.5/5 (I didn’t like the table we were given especially since the restaurant was not full, and the broken bottle of beer incident probably ruined our night a little)

Service: 3/5

Food: 3/5

Restaurant Wesele
Market Square 10,
31-042 Kraków

+48124227460, +48501866125

Opening hours:
12:00 – 23:00


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